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Dariks Pain Destroyer

Why the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is NOT what you think

Most people ignore the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

When that feeling of numbness or tingling creeps into their hands they keep going until it reaches the point where they’re dropping things and need two hands to hold a cup of coffee. 

If you’re one of these people keep reading because (Despite what your Doctors says) there is a way to get your hands working again and do it without drugs, shots, surgery or funny gimmicks. 

The women who discovered this method is a professional massage therapist.

What you probably don’t know is that in her professional carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious risk. Obviously, if you cannot use your hands anymore it means your future income and career are in serious jeopardy.

(Not only that, you could be looking at a life time of medical costs and painful injections.) 

So when this women began feeling tingling in her hands she immediately went to her Doctor.

She says there was nothing he could do, she had “Permanent nerve damage” and would most likely be this way for the rest of her life.

All he could give her was a prescription for pain killers or a cortisone shot and an appointment with the surgeon. But here’s the thing:

What she later discovered is that she did not actually have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Because what most people, even Doctors, don’t know is that there is a certain muscle in your arm. And if this arm is tight I can produce a feeling exactly the same as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Once she began to properly massage this muscle her symptoms vanished overnight.

You see, very few people know that carpal tunnel syndrome has nothing to do with repeating the same movements over and over.

And it has nothing to do with nerve damage or the ligaments of your arm. 

Instead this muscle being tight is the cause of the problem

The reason why it create such and is such a big issue is because this muscle acts as a “Dimmer Switch” on the nerves of your hand.

So if the muscle is tight, your nerves cannot turn on and off properly, which causes pain in your hands.

Which people then think is a repetitive strain issue.

The funny thing is that when this muscle is tight you usually won’t feel any pain at all.

Which is why people never associate it with carpal tunnel syndrome and this condition is still such a big mystery to some people.

But the fact is that this women’s method has worked for her and it’s also worked for 100’s of other people.

One of them is a semi-pro dirt bike racer who wanted to turn pro.

But within a couple of minutes of getting on the bike he would have to pull over from the pain.

After seeing this women for private therapy he learnt that he did NOT have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Not only that she completely eliminated the pain in his hands with a few simple massage techniques. 

Her methods could work for you if you give them a try go here to learn more

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